Barn Bacon was started back in 1998 by Andrew Smith a farmer, producer and marketer of pigs and livestock for over 25 years. Back then the bacon industry was in a bad way with most of what could be bought from the shops as limp wet cured bacon that had absolutely no taste or sustenance. As someone who was passionate about ‘proper’ food made to traditional ways, Andrew set about cutting and curing one of his own pigs using the traditional dry cured methods. Having given it to family and friends for taste tests, the results were a resounding success and 1 pig turned into two pigs and two pigs into 3 pigs and the future of the Barn Bacon Company was founded.


Since 1998, our hams have been recognised as some of the finest you can buy anywhere in the country. They are beautifully tender and full of flavour and are always very well received by our many customers.

We can supply deli's, cafes and farm shops and can offer our ham in three different ways: Classic bread crumbed, honey roasted or oak smoked.

Our hams come in three sizes to suit; either as 1/4 of a whole ham (Approx 850g) or half a whole ham (Approx 1.5kg) or a whole ham (Approx 2.7kg).

They have a 3 week shelf life and are suitable for freezing.


We only sell dry cured bacon - Bacon that won't vanish in your pan or ooze 'white liquid' when you cook it. It tastes like proper old fashioned bacon used to be. The end product being infinitely more succulent and satisfying:

Our bacon comes in 200g vac packs and with a 3 week shelf life.

No White Spots - No Shrinkage... just Quality flavoursome Bacon.